How to Sell Music or Audio From Your WordPress Blog

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Many of us run WordPress sites where the content is based on audio. But sometimes you might come up with some great content which you are only willing to sell for a small price. In this tutorial I’m going to show you one of the quickest and easiest way to set up your WordPress blog to accept payments for your music/audio files.

Recently I found some webmasters who had great success with selling music. After closely monitoring their sites I noticed that most of them are using WP eStore e-commerce plugin to sell their digital music/audio content. So I decided to play around with this plugin and finally was able to get my demo music shop up and running.

Step 1: Download the Required WordPress Plugins

First, you need to install the following plugins:

Step 2: Add a Product For Your Music or Audio File

Once you have installed the plugins go to the “Add/Edit Products” menu of eStore from your dashboard.

screenshot showing the add product navigation menu of estore plugin

This is where you can create a product for your media file. You need to enter a name for your media file and a price you wish to sell for.

screenshot showing add product section of estore plugin

Now move on to the Digital Content Details section. If you are planning to sell a digital download(e.g. photo, e-book, music, audio, podcast, mp3 etc) you need to specify the URL  to the file in the Digital Product URL field. You can either host your file somewhere else or click the “Upload File” button which will automatically upload the media file to your server and insert the URL into this field.

screenshot showing how to add a link to the digital content section of estore plugin

Make sure that the “Downloadable” option is enabled (by default it is enabled).  This allows the plugin to encrypt the download link.

Now that you have uploaded your file go to “Additional Product Details” section (one section up). Embed the compact audio player shortcode with a link to your media file in the “Product Description” field. You can either use the full URL or a URL containing the shorter version of your music or audio file. I prefer to use the shorter version since it will be used as a preview of the main file.

You can also specify a thumbnail image for your audio file in the “Thumbnail Image URL” field.

screenshot showing the additional product details section of estore plugin

Click the “Save Product” button at the bottom of the page to finish creating the product.

You can always edit a specific product from the “Manage Products” menu.

screenshot showing the manage products menu of estore plugin

Step 3: Display Your Music or Audio File

Create a new post/page from your dashboard and embed the following shortcodes in it. The first shortcode allows you to display your media file using fancy display 1 (There are various stylish display options available in the eStore plugin). The second one will display the content of the shopping cart when there is at least one item in the cart.

screenshot showing how to embed estore audio shortcode

Publish the post/page and and it will look like the following:

screenshot showing how product can be displayed using estore plugin

As you can see there is a play button which will allow users to check the media file before purchasing it.

If the “Add to Cart button” is clicked the product will be added to the shopping cart.

estore product display with items in the shopping cart

That’s it. Now you have a fully functional site where a user will be able to purchase music or audio files.

If you have any questions feel free to share it in the comment section below.


21 thoughts on “How to Sell Music or Audio From Your WordPress Blog

  1. You know you can just right-click and ‘Inspect element’ then find the URL for the embedded preview mp3 right? This isn’t secure at all.

  2. Such an interesting article. A few questions though. I want to sell audio files and poems and musical lyrics. Is there a way I can do it on my WordPress blog so that it won’t be stolen? Would very much appreciate your advice.

  3. Is there also a way to upload a preview file ? Foreaampel full prioduct in wav and preview in mp3 quality ? How about using this soindplayer instead.

  4. Hey, i have some questions about this plug-in:
    Is it possible to set the language in german?
    And how do i manage the buying process as as a buyer and me as the seller?
    And last question is: How to manage a full album, where the user can pre-hear the songs for some seconds?

  5. This is a great resource, thank you.

    How would you use the plugins to sell an entire album? Would you upload a full .zip file with all of the mp3s, and not include the audio player link?

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