Easy Video Player – Easily Embed Videos into Your WordPress Blog

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Videos can significantly increase the importance of a WordPress post/page. It makes your content much more compelling to the users as well as the search engine crawler. Research has shown that users tend to spend more time on a webpage where the key concept is presented via videos. To be honest if I had to choose between a blog post where the content is too long (sort of like a written tutorial) and a video tutorial I would definitely be interested in the second option. That pretty much explains why video marketing has been so successful.

Problems With Video Embedding

I have always experienced issues trying to embed videos on my WordPress blog. It’s just there are not many good options when it comes to video embedding. Even though there is a few I find them extremely confusing for the new WordPress users.  Not all all users are familiar with coding. That’s why they use WordPress. So it will be really good to have a solution that requires less steps to follow and meets user’s expectation.

Getting Started With Easy Video Player

Finally I took an effort to create a plugin that may be able to resolve some of the major issues  WordPress users were experiencing – Easy Video Player.

Easy Video Player allows you to embed your favourite videos on a WordPress post/page.


  • Embed videos using simple shortcodes (no coding required)
  • Play videos using HTML5
  • Enable automatic fallback for browsers that don’t support HTML5. It allows older browsers like Internet Explorer version 8 or lower to play your videos.
  • Embed responsive videos so they look great while browsing from mobile devices.


Download the Easy Video Player plugin

  • Login to your Admin Dasboard and go to “Plugins->Add New”
  • Click on the upload option
  • Select the easy-video-player.zip file on your computer
  • Install and Activate the plugin.

Now go to the Settings menu of the plugin (Settings->Easy Video Player) and check the “Enable jQuery” option. That’s all you need to do for configuring the plugin.

Embedding Videos on a Post/Page

Create a new post/page and embed the following shortcode:

[evp_embed_video url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/vid1.mp4"]

Now replace the URL parameter with the actual URL of your video.

That’s it. Simply publish the post/page and your video will be embedded along with your content.

Video Autoplay

If you want a particular video to start playing automatically you can set the “autoplay” option to “true” in the shortcode:

[evp_embed_video url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/vid1.mp4" autoplay="true"]

Control Player Size

To control the size of a video you can specify a width and height:

[evp_embed_video url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/vid1.mp4" width="500" height="400"]

Control Player Aspect Ratio

The player aspect ratio is set to “0.417” by default. To override it you can specify a different ratio:

[evp_embed_video url="http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/vid1.mp4" ratio="0.345"]


screenshot showing the easy video player wordpress plugin in action
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176 thoughts on “Easy Video Player – Easily Embed Videos into Your WordPress Blog

  1. I replaced the example text starting from http://example.com and inserted a youtube code, and the thing says it can’t find the video! So how does it work?

  2. My easy video player doesn’t play any videos at all. It just shows a big white box with “html5: video file not found” on it. I tried a couple of different video urls to test it but none will play. Can you help me trouble shoot? Also – once I do get the player to work, can I use it on more than one page/post at a time?

  3. The player controls do not appear with the player. Is there an attribute I can add so that the pause/play button and progress bar are visible?

  4. Hi, copied the shortcode and added custom video url from my media library and when I went to preview video there was nothing there. Am I missing something?

  5. Thank You for Your hard work. I notice there is an “embed’ option in the player. I don’t want People to do that. How can I remove it? Regards

  6. Greetings. I tried your plugin and it didn’t work. :o(
    I ended up using a different one. It would just keep loading and never play. Just thought you should know. Maybe it is an issue with the WordPress upgrade?

  7. Hi! I’m the webmaster and am I’m using this for www.nunkacorp.com for the landing page. I have the autoplay code in there and tried to add the width and height to make it smaller. It won’t change sizes. When I add the size codes in all it does is default it back to the left align and stays the same size, can you help?

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